Improve person detection / alerts

I get false alerts every single day and night, for things that are not people, being detected as people, by my Ring system. This includes insects, squirrels, shadows, etc.

I had one dozen Nest cameras running for 6+ years and rarely ever got a false alert, maybe once every 6 months total, people detection was accurate. In contrast, with Ring, I have been running a few cameras for the past two months and have experienced multiple false alerts nearly every day and night, totaling hundreds (100s) of false alerts in only two months. I have Nest cameras side-by-side the ring cameras, with the same settings to only notify me of People, and the Ring cameras are highly inaccurate based on my testing.

As a security professional, false alerts actually decrease security, which is not good.

My ask is simple, for Ring to please improve people detection / alerts. AI and machine learning exists in 2022. Insects, squirrels, shadows are not people. Please improve!

PS. I have done extensive troubleshooting, contacted Ring support, etc, to no avail. So this is now a feature request.

Thank you

We are having the same issue, the bugs keep the flood lights on all night. The ring camera doesn’t record the bugs but the the flood light sensor is really sensitive, I have went through multiple settings and the only solution is to manually turn on the light and keep the motion-activated light settings off which defeates the whole purpose of the flood light.
I agree that ring needs to fix this issue.


Yup my notifications go off every day with nothing there. Very frustrating when you’re trying to catch thieves!

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I agree completely. I spent $thousands to put ring cameras all around and inside my house and they alert as a “person” for every spider, spiderweb with due drops on it, bee, wasp, or ant that crosses close. It happens several times every night as well as during the day, with these. It’s gotten so that I ignore the alerts or have to turn them off which defeats the entire purpose of more having ringed my home with Ring security cameras. The icing on the cake is that I was taking my garbage out last night and the ring cameras did not acknowledge me as a person walking in their zone. So now I have security cameras that only go off, wrongly, for incest, and not for actual people!

Ring, please help. I cannot afford to replace the entire system with a Nest system. Did I buy the wrong thing? Very discouraging.


( sorry- dew drops, and insects)

Can someone from Ring team answer why when one selects to be notified about People only via smart alerts they still get alerts for regular motion?? That is either a bug or needs improvement…


I agree Ring has horrible people detection and alerts. Google Nest is so much better with practically no false events.

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I have liked the cameras, the doorbell, how they can be linked, and the lights but all the alerts from bugs and webs at night is killing it for me. There is no security if I have to disable alerts. Please correct this major issue.


I have a huge electric bill because the wired floodlight cam pro turns on the lights when it detects flying insects, leaves, spiders, spiderwebs, etc. Person Detection does not work because it is using the perceived size of the object without considering how close it is to the sensor. It treats an insect near the sensor as a person and triggers the lights which then attract more insects.

I have set motion detection to the minimum, set people alerts, adjusted motion zones, and finally just turned off all the motion detection. I made a substantial investment in Ring equipment so the lights and cameras would turn on when cars, people, large animals approach my home. Essentially I now have outdoor lights that I can turn on from my phone if I detect motion. Ring is supposed to be detecting things to warn me. Instead, I am detecting motion and warning the system.

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Bees are constantly activating the system. I’m tired of this situation.

Person detection is broken - it’s tripped on car lights, web, squirrels and makes cameras unusable for me. Are you planning to fix it?

I am constantly receiving person detection notifications for pets and other animals. This seriously compromises the usefulness of the product as over time you begin to ignore these notifications. At this point in time, person detection is near perfect in products such as Google Photos so there is no excuse for this lazy implementation in a paid product. Does Ring have plans to address this? If not, I would suggest it should hit the top of your backlog, it’s quite an embarrassment in the year 2024.

Same issue with me, ll day long. Very sad, slowly waiting for Ring to fix these issues, if not, I’ll be leaving Ring.

Have to jump on this bandwagon. I have hanging lanterns that alert as a person and just this morning, a snail going across the edge of the camera did it. So crazy