Improve Live View Signal Processing

This is the silliest thing to me but my outdoor Ring cameras (plural) have a horrible time going into Live mode (stream on phone or device) presumably due to signal. They will record most events. However, with the exact same Wifi signal I can literally stand next to the same ring cameras and stream Netflix in HD on an iPad. Something needs to get fixed here because users shouldn’t have to get $500 outdoor router systems installed outdoors to use live view in a modern home (newer double pane windows, etc.). Especially when other products do just fine with the signal level- again, Netflix in HD right next to the camera that can’t do Live view. Build in a live buffer if it helps solves the problem and have a warning message stating delayed signal or something when the condition occurs. I will note a lot of times when I’ve not seen the live view it will eventually show a red processing bar in the view screen but that will eventually time out as well (with no video).