Improve cam design to seal lens to housing to prevent ozone build-up causing haze/reflections/halos

It appears all my spotlight battery cams develop an ozone film inside the housing the camera lens looks through, and possibly the cameral lens itself. After a year or two, night time become hazy, there are halos around external light sources, and there is a visible reflection of the camera lens itself in all night-time recordings when its own lights are on.

I’m guessing this is the same phenomenon that happens to electronic devices such as DVD players after a few years when an “ozone” film develops on the inside of the plastic cover for the LED display. The letters and numbers start to look a little fuzzy and there is a glow in that outer plastic layer as that ozone layer diffuses the light coming through from the LED display. This appears to be what is happening to ALL my ring cameras after they’re a year or two old. So far I’ve replaced two of them after showing them the hazy videos and the reflection of the cam’s own lens in the night time videos.