IFTTT - hardwired video doorbell not supported?

I’ve just updated my doorbell to a hardwired video doorbell, but found when I tried to connect the doorbell ‘ring alerts’ to my system using IFTTT, the new doorbell does not show up in IFTTT, but does for ‘motion alerts’.
The Ring IFTTT applet has worked fine for years, with my old Ring doorbell, so why is it not working with the hardwired video doorbell?
I need to get this working, as it’s the only way I can interact the doorbell into my home security/lighting system.

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Same here, cant get my new hardwired doorbell to show as a doorbell in IFTTT, just as a motion detector.

Hi there, neighbors! We’re always striving to bring you the best customer experience. While API integrations like IFTTT have limited functionality with Ring, we do not officially support these integrations. Please reach out to IFTTT for troubleshooting assistance.

To learn more about how IFTTT works with Ring devices, please check out their website here.

Glad this is not just me. I have been trying everything, unpaired - repaired. Still just a motion sensor! Surely the ring function is its staple function!

I appear to have the same issue with the ring doorbell wired, I raised a support ticket with IFTTT and there response was that this is a issue with the Ring API and not IFTTT, there response is below.

“ The list of devices shown in the dropdown is coming directly from the Ring API, which we have no control over. I would recommend reaching out directly to Ring, as they may be able to provide more insight into why this particular device is showing in the wrong dropdown.”

Even the applets that I am assuming were submitted byRing do not list this particular doorbell model, I don’t have another rind doorbell model to confirm though.