Identify Ring Devices.

So I have added quite a lot of “stuff” to my home network, and I have decided to document it. I have identified everything but three devices, and they all appear to be Ring devices:

I have a Fing network monitoring appliance, and it telling me that the device with MAC address 8C:8B:B3:DF:B5:63 is a Ring/Doorbell. I am running a Ubiquity UniFi network, and it has already identified my doorbeall as MAC address e0:4f:43:11:13:87. UniFi is telling me that MAC address 8C:8B:B3:DF:B5:63 is a Texas Instruments device.

I am also seeing a second MAC address at 58:7A:62:4C:EC:3B that Fing says is a Ring/Doorbell, but UniFi says it is also a Texas Instruments device. I only have one Ring Doorbell, but I do have a lot of other Ring devices like floodlight cams, path lights, step lights, extenders, chimes, alarm, etc.

The third unknown device has UniFi calling it Ring-405963, while Fing is saying it is an OpenWrt device. It has a MAC address of: 9C:43:1E:40:59:63. I was hoping a Ring employee would see this post and answer if they have an internal database that they could look up the MAC addresses and tell me what these devices actually are?



Hey @irishjd. If you are in the hunt of looking up MAC ID’s to see if they match them for your specific device, you will need to reach out to our support team here. Please note that they will only be able to see the MAC ID’s for your account only after you provide them your information. You can also see your MAC ID at any time by looking into the Device Health section under any of your devices. Additionally, if you look on the side/back of any of your devices or on the boxes they came in, you should be able to see the MAC ID as well. Hope this helps clear it up for you!

On my network the ring cameras show up as RingHpCam-52 and ring-5f632b and others similar. I have looked at my cameras settings in the app and can’t find those identities anywhere. I want to be able to name them correctly on my network so how do I know which camera those Id’s belong to?

Hey @agpFL. The numbers in the network name you see should line up with some of the numbers you will find in the MAC ID for the Ring device. You can compare and contrast those with the networks names to know which one is which, but it’s recommended to not change the SSID of the network, as it could interrupt the connection. If you’re able to edit the name for visual reasons on your end eithout altering the SSID, feel free to do so! :slight_smile:

Hi. I went through a whole song and dance yesterday trying to figure out what the SoundTouch Texas Instruments Computer on my network was. SoundTouch is Bose and Texas Instruments makes their WiFi chips… And I have no Bose speakers. I ultimately blocked the device and then later in the evening realized my ring hub was running on cellular.

I can’t begin to speculate why my ring hub tells my network it’s a SoundTouch Texas Instruments Computer. My two ring cameras both report to the network with identifyable names.

At any rate, if you go into devices in the ring app, open the one you need to know, go to device health, it will list the mac id of the device.

No, not for alarm or extender equipment. The MAC address is NOT available and that is really annoying… I’m doing the same thing right now with my Fing setup.