I need to complain, support just told me they don't do it!

The support person I just spoke to said that I cannot raise a complaint with them, so I made a big stink and asked for the supervisor to call me, my chime has ceased to work after 2 years and 3 months and it’s no longer under warranty, most mecahnical devices last years and years longer than this, it’s totally unaccptable qaulity of build for such an EXPENSIVE item!!!

I also had a bad experience. Ring once had its own UK callcentre that was excellent. Then Amazon took over and moved the callcentre to Egypt, where the staff are overworked and background noise is appallingly. I have just spent hours trying to convince them that i have a Ring Account. It appears that , when Amazon took over Ring, some accounts became corrupted. My account has shifted to my wifes, who has an Amazon Prime account, so Amazon is able to help itself to subscriptions that we do not recall signing up for.