I haven't received a call from professional monitoring when my sensor was triggered

I was in Home Mode and one of my sensor was triggered. I disarmed my system in a few seconds, and didn’t receive a call from monitoring center. I am wondering if this is expected, is it because I disarmed my system that the alarm was canceled? If so, how long will it wait for me to disarm the system? If I would like to be called every time when an alarm triggers, what should I do?

Hi @yudanlu. If you disarm your Ring Alarm system before the monitoring center receives the signal, you will not receive a call from the monitoring center. In this scenario, you can enable the Confirmation Call setting. With this setting on, you’ll receive an automated call if you disarm your Ring Alarm after the alarm sounds, but before the monitoring center calls. This will give you extra peace of mind in situations with a false alarm, so you can rest assured that your system is working properly.

Thanks! And may I know how long it will wait before the monitoring center receives the signal?

@yudanlu There isn’t a set amount of time. In this situation, you mentioned disarming your system after only a few seconds, so the monitoring center wouldn’t have contacted you yet. I checked with my team to clarify this further. Our monitoring center receives a signal when the alarm is triggered or the Entry Delay is triggered. They then receive a follow-up signal once the system is disarmed. if that disarm isn’t received, that’s when they will call the emergency contacts listed.

In this case, you disarmed your system very quickly so no calls were made to your emergency contacts. This is where the Confirmation Call setting comes into play, and can provide you with reassurance. I hope this explanation helps answer your questions.

Thanks! This is helpful.

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