I have three ring camera, Ring 3 Ring 2 and stick up cam and 4 motion solar lights.

All my devices are showing up on my iphone and wokring well. I have an Apple laptop and all three cameras show up in devices but the lights do not show up on the laptop app or when I login to Ring.com. Anyone got any idea why???


Hi there @Auto208. Signing in on the website will give you limited information on your devices, as full functionality is on the Ring App instead. If possible, would you mind sharing a screenshot of the devices that do show up on your Mac App? I’d like to take a look and verify this with my team. :slight_smile:

Yes all my devices show up on my personal ring app. It’s on the Ring webiste that the 4 solar motion lights are omitted. The three ring cameras do show up. I really don’t want to post any screen shots of the cameras an surrounding area for security reasons. Thanks


@Auto208 Thanks for the further clarification. I did check with my team, and Smart Lighting devices will not show up on the Ring website as they are controlled from within the Ring App. This means you will not see them appear on the website when you’re signed in, but you will see them in the RIng App and be able to adjust any settings there as well.