I got Questions

  1. Does Ring work with Google - Home or Assistant - or Samsung Bixbi on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 9+

Why i ask if it works with Google although it is from Amazon - let me tell you why

I purchased a Echo 8 to show the Videos/Doorbell - which worked fine.
However ! Lets make this clear - i purchased the item - my property - no advertising contract etc
Turned everything off that has to do with advertising, Home content, Skill, Reset Advertising ID
However that didn’t bother the Echo device as it continued to bug me with advertising.

Why is a device i purchased, i own, advertising on my device without my permission.
I had 3 Amazon People check my setting and all 3 assured me there would be no more advertising!? No More! What!? My device, why is there advertising in the first place?

Hi @Eagle7. No, Ring is only fully compatible with Alexa. I would recommend you continue working with Alexa Support for your other concern.

Thank you for the reply.
Although Ring doorbell works as intended i most likely will replace the doorbell soon with eufy.
I don’t intend to rely on any spyware/add ware produced by Amazon.