I can't find Ring Camera Snapshots

I cannot figure out how to see my Ring Doorbell camera snapshots. We’ve had the doorbell for probably close to a year now. I remember turning the setting on for it when we first got it and I remember actually seeing some snapshots somewhere from it.
But I never looked at them again and honestly forgot that feature even existed. Then something happened at my neighbors house across the street today and I told them I’d check all my camera videos to see if it picked up anything. And then I remembered… my camera takes snapshots! Can’t find them. No clue how.
I googled and followed the directions of opening my app and clicking on Live View and swiping. It didn’t do anything. I went back into my settings to make sure snapshots is turned on, it is. I can even see the option in settings to delete them.
I even started a live chat with Ring support. She only gave me the same directions as Google and when I told her it did not work, she just gave me the directions to turn them on. But it is turned on.
Also, I don’t see snapshots in my camera history either. I only see videos to view there as usual.
Can anyone help?
Thank you in advance!

Hi @UserMuser. Snapshots are viewable in your Event History Timeline if enabled. If you watch the video on this link, you will see how to go to Snapshots on the timeline and see a sample of what Snapshots look like on the timeline. If you do not see yours, are you able to take a snapshot on your phone to show us what you see when you get to your timeline to look at history?