I Can’t Get my Doorbell and Chime to Talk to each other

I’ve had a ring doorbell and chime for many years, worked perfectly. My chime stopped working and the reset button went in too far and wouldn’t work. I bought a new one direct from Ring and I was assured by the ‘chat’ that it would be compatable with the doorbell. When I add the new device (the chime) on the app, it kicks the doorbell off then when I add the doorbell again it kicks the chime off! Why can’t they both be installed? It’s a simple process but I just can’t get them both together on the app?? Any tips please? They are both on the same wifi and installation of one or the other is perfect.

Hi @user17300. Do you mean that when you connect one device, the other is disconnected from wifi? Or does it not appear in the Ring app? The Ring Chime and Chime Pro are compatible with the Ring app and with Ring Doorbells and Security Cameras. They should not conflict with each other. You can find information on setting up your Ring Chime or Chime Pro to work with your Ring device in our Help Center Article here.