Human only detection on 3rd generation stick up cams.

Why is this feature not available on 3rd generation stick up cams? I subscribe to the protect plus plan. When I spoke to Ring they said it would need an upgrade for the 3rd generation but did not know when this would happen. I cannot understand why this feature is available on 2nd generation cams but not the latest, not happy!

Hey @Shrimper. Our teams are currently working on bringing this feature to our neighbors with this device, as this is one of the devices that has yet to get the feature at this time. This feature is slowly rolled out to our neighbors and we’re hoping to bring it to them in the near future. Once we have this available for all devices, we will ensure we update our Help Center Article here accordingly. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response. This follows what I was told when I spoke to the support team. Can you please put some timescale on this update?

Thank you

@Shrimper We’re hoping for the end of the year but do not have a firm ETA at this time. I will make sure to update this thread, as well as post a News and Announcement post when this is fully rolled out for you. :slight_smile: