How to test shared user notifications

I set my son as Shared User. How can I test notifications to his phone? Assuming my own phone would be, for example, off or faulty, how does the message get to his phone? Oh, and his is not a smartphone, but he can receive texts.

Hi @robbo007. If your son does not have the Ring App installed on a compatible smartphone or tablet, he will not receive any notifications, even if he is a Shared User. He needs the Ring App installed and to be signed into his Ring account in order to receive notifications, as they are push notifications and not text messages. You can find more information on Shared Users in our Help Center Article here, and information on how to download the Ring App here.

Thanks. I saw that when I had Home mode set and I opened a door, the alarm sounded and I got a phone call informing me of this. Could my son also receive a similar call?
P Robson

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@robbo007 Yes, you can add him as one of the emergency contacts so in case you don’t answer the call, they will then move to the next emergency contact and can call him to notify him that the alarm has been activated. You can read more about what emergency contacts do in our Help Center Article here. To change your emergency contacts in the Ring App, tap the menu in the top left > Settings > Monitoring > Emergency Contacts. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Oh thanks, that’s great. He is so stubborn, he won’t have a smartphone, but the phone call you mention will give us excellent peace of mind if I’m not available
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P Robson