How to switch from (2gig module) to ring security?


My current contract with provider is ending in 3 months. I am shopping around for the security provider and want to explore ring security.

Currently I have

  1. 2gig module

  2. Wired windows and door sensors

  3. Z wave light switches

  4. Z wave garage door sensors

  5. Skybell doorbell

  6. camera in the living room.

Is 2gig module compatible with ring security or do i need to buy additional equipment?

Hey @gsrinivas! It sounds like this is a wired alarm system, in which our Alarm Retrofit Kit might interest you. Check out our Community post with helpful tips and information about the Alarm Retrofit Kit.

As far as z-wave devices and our Alarm system, we are always releasing new features and being innovative. Here is a list of things that Work With Ring. Feel free to also browse our varios Doorbells and Cameras at to see if any fit your needs. :slight_smile:

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