How to stop ring announcing motion detection and chime

Dear all,
Recently, my Ring doorbell has started broadcast motion detection or someone at the door to my Alexa enabled Sonos speakers. It NEVER happened before! It used to only announce on my Amazon Alexa Echo Show 5. I have Sonos Move, One and Beam.

I googled and found lots of people want this to happen but not in my case as it often interrupts music or television sound.

Many thanks.

Hi there, @Oatlands! This is certainly odd to hear of, as the Sonos speakers do not look to be directly compatible with Ring, as described in our help center article for compatible Alexa devices. It looks like there are indeed many Alexa Echo speakers and even a soundbar supported, but nothing about sonos. I recommend checking your Alexa app for any skills or routines that might include other speakers, or even ensuring that bluetooth is not enabled/ connected to other device, when using the Ring app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: