How to stop motion notifications with Alexa?

Hi - new to the world of Ring - got a Ring2 setup reasonably easier, connected some phones and Alexa and then got woken up early morning by the milkman with a motion notification via alexa.

So I noticed the “motion notifications” setting in the app - and I turned that off, but I’ve realised that this presumably only stops my phone from getting notifications - how do I do the same for the Alexa app? I can’t see any setting for that - which seems rather limiting?

I do want doorbell announcements - but I don’t want movement notifications on her? Is this not possible?


Hi @365nice. When setting up the announcements in the Alexa App, you should have the option to toggle on Doorbell and Motion announcements. In this case, you’ll want to toggle the Motion announcements off so that Alexa only notifies you when someone rings the Doorbell. You can find this information in our Help Center Article here as well. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks - somehow I thought such settings would be in the Alexa skill and not the device.