How to stop ALL notifications EXCEPT for Motion and Doorbell ringing

I am growing increasingly tired of all of the notification I receive from Ring now. From lost pets, break in’s, “were those gun shots!?!”…All I want my ring doorbell to do is notify me when there is motion at the door or if someone actually rings the bell.

I have gone to the settings and adjusted what seems obvious but I still get notifications multiple times per hour. How can I effectively accomplish what I want? Specifically, what needs to be turned off and what needs to be left on? Growing frustrated with all of the notifications and being unable to easily figure out how to accomplish this task.

Hi @acerva. The notifications you’re referring to are from the Neighbors portion of the Ring app. You can find the settings for this by tapping the menu in the top left > Neighbors > tap the cog wheel in the top right and select Neighborhood Settings. From there, you can turn off notifications under Push Notification Settings within the Schedule setting.

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