How to share my Ring cameras with other family members?

I am brand new to Ring.

I am trying to share my camera views with multiple members of the family. HOWEVER, with two factor authorization required for everything, it is impossible to simply share my account.

I “invited” family members to join, but those went into a black hole as far as I can tell.

I just want to have more than one smart phone able to monitor the cameras without me having to authorize everything all the time. Half the point would be for them to see what’s going on in case my phone isn’t working.

How can I accomplish this?

Hi @lwloen. The only other way to share your Ring devices besides having them log into your account is by adding them as Shared Users. Your family members need to create their own Ring accounts, and then you send them the Shared User invitations. This Help Center article will provide you with detailed steps on how to do so. I hope this helps.

I will look into it. I have already tried to “share” but the “invite” part does not seem to ever work. I just resent the invite as the app proposes.

We’ll see what happens next.

Well, a lot of rigamarole (unrelated to this posting, getting rid of my work-arounds) but I finally got my wife going, at least.

“Invite” finally worked.

Strange oddity, though. She had to define a location and now we must be careful to select the “shared” one and not the one we created because it “made” us do so. Maybe someone else can get out of that, but the “obvious” way is to create the location but then discover, after accepting the invite, you don’t want or need to use it and only use the “shared” one instead that comes with the invite. Still, it’s all fine now.

Thank you.

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