How to setup motion detection schedule?

I want to setup a motion detection schedule, not a schedule to mute notifications, to actually enable or disable motion detection.

Reason being at the moment for unknown reasons it’s detecting motion outside of my programmed motion zones, I’m taking no where near the motion detection zone.


Hi @L1111. The Motion Schedule does not disable motion detection. If you want to disable motion detection, try using Modes for your cameras. This will completely disable motion for the selected camera. I hope this information helps!

Ok thanks @Tom_Ring, I’ll have to do this. But is it correct that it still records motion even though it’s not in the programmed advanced zone?

I get a notification “someone at door” only if someone comes in my programmed zone, but get lots of recordings without notifications anywhere else - is this correct?


Hi @L1111. You should only be getting notifications from recordings that are started by someone entering your Motion Zones. If you notice that you are getting recordings from events outside of your Motion Zones, it may be best to adjust them. For instance, instead of having one large zone, try creating 3 smaller zones to cover the same area. This will help your Doorbell to be more accurate. Cheers!

Hi thanks for reply.

As long as I understand this is what is supposed to happen that’s fine ie I only get notifications if in my programmed motion zone.

But is all other motion recorded regardless? Is there no option to not record this, as at the moment I’m getting nearly 100 events of motion (not notifications as outside my programmed zone) per day and it’s depleting my battery very very quickly.


Hi @L1111. The only motion that is recorded will be motion that is detected in your Motion Zones If you’re getting that many notifications, they may need to be adjusted. The Community post here has some great tips and tricks for doing this! If you still notice this happening after you’ve made adjustments, try contacting our support team to offer further assistance. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

if I modify and/or create a motion schedule, does this apply to all shared users and other devices I have the ring app installed on?

Trying to understand and verify that if I set up a motion schedule to not notify me of motion events during the day at certain hours, then will that schedule also be the same for all my other shared users like my spouse and kids or will they still get the motion alerts? I just don’t want to get alerts during my working hours while my spouse and kids still want to receive alerts since they are around and available.

Just want to make sure by putting together a motion schedule for myself through the ring app, even though I am the admin and master account holder, it would set up the same motion schedule for my other shared users. Thanks.

Ok so I’ve programmed more “advanced motion zones” but I’m still getting numerous motion recordings (but not notifications) when people are walking past, that are not in the programmed zone.

Is this correct? Again this battery has only lasted 28 days as it picks up and record people walking past (and sometimes cars/trucks).

It shouldn’t record motion event if outside my “advanced motion zones” - correct? If so then my DB3+ is broke…

It’s not doing as I thought it was advertised to do, as in only record motion events where I programme it to.

I’ve been on to support chat (is there no email?), went through al settings that were as should be, and recommended me to toggle off, then on, people mode, but hasn’t helped.

Still getting them, the motion is started way outside the zones from the left or right as people are about to walk past, so the Doorbell must be seeing them and triggering to record, but as said they are no where near the programmed motion zone. Again didn’t get notifications just recordings.

Is it not that this is supposed to happen? As in it records in any view of camera but doesn’t notify unless in the programmed zone? If so this isn’t how it’s explained in literature to. If not then there is obviously something inherently wrong with my Doorbell 3+

Hi @L1111, happy to chime in for Tom here. Would you mind following up with our support team on this matter? They can pull up your account and take a closer look at your device in order to make sure everything is functioning properly. While email support is unavailable at this time, you can reach out to our support team at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Still the same. Battery is only lasting 3-4 weeks max and I’m sick of it now and thinking of selling it all. I bought the chime Pro 2G to help WiFi - didn’t. Had to hit a spare battery as otherwise have to have no doorbell for 8hrs…?, had to buy cloud storage at !25/year otherwise it’s virtually useless to have the system.

At the very least I wanted the battery to last even half of what is advertised, 3 months would be decent.

I’ve contacted support here in UK on phone, they went through settings and all ok, only thing suggested was to switch off and back on people detection but the same after another 7-9 weeks.

So now what please? I get about 50 recordings a day of people and cars trucks which are well outside of my programmed motion zone. I have proof of all these in my cloud recordings.

The only notifications I get are when people come into the programmed zone, or when ring which is correct. But the 50 other recordings a day are of people and cars/trucks outside. This isn’t correct? This is what I imagine so draining the battery.

Why is it recording people, cars/trucks outside of the programmed motion zone please?

If I have motion schedules set to stop notifications, but then pop outland want to set the away mode, will this override the motion schedule or do I have to turn off the motion schedule and then set the away mode?

Hi @MrsBaker. The Motion Schedule prevents you from receiving motion notifications during the selected schedule and swapping the Mode that your Camera is in will not change the Motion Schedule. This means that notifications will not be sent unless the Motion Schedule is changed. I hope that helps answer your questions! :slight_smile: