How to Send feedback to Ring?

I’d like to send a suggestion to Ring but don’t see a feedback link anywhere. What’s the best way to send something to them?

There is a feature request thread in each product category. But generally if you post here, one of the moderators can forward your post to the developers. I have done that to report a bug. It does seem odd that there is no place to specifically report a bug or provide product feedback, so I can only assume Ring wants everything posted here.

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@Brad is correct! Each product board has a feature request

Cams , Alarm , Doorbells, App , Smart Lighting

If you’re unsure what board to share your feedback with, share it below and we will ensure it gets to the right team.

As a side note, we created this Community as a way to interact with our neighbors first hand. Creating these request boards was one of our first posts here!

I have a ring doorbell and 4 outside spotlights. The gate to my driveway is about 1,300 feet away but I can easily see it from the house. What I would REALLY LIKE is a telescopic ring camera that does not have lights but can be focused on a distant area to see things and to trigger motion alerts and record what it sees. Obviously it would not work at night but having the ability to see my entry gate area would be fantastic. The camera could be focused either with software or an actual telescopic lens would be great.

I have an alarm system with two cameras and all the motion sensors, etc. And I have the smoke alarm sensors, etc. Since we travel a lot what I need is a low temp sensor and a water sensor for the basement.