How to monitor two accounts on one device

I have my Ring home door bell system that I monitor on my computer and mobile phone. Now my work has asked that I monitor their Ring security system that they shared with me, but my computer and mobile phone wants me to add the work account to my personal account.

How can I monitor two separate accounts on one device?

Thanks for any help.

Hi @haslamjd. If you open the menu in the top left corner of the Ring app, you will see a drop down menu at the top. This will allow you to show all devices at once or one location at a time. This makes it easier to have your devices and your work’s shared devices on one account.

Otherwise, since your employer sent the invitation to the same email that your current Ring account is set up under, that is why you have another location that is shared. If you wish to log into another account to see the work’s Ring devices, you will have to create another Ring account with a different email address and then have them share you on that account!

Hi, I already have a Ring app at one of my houses. I set up another one in a different house and want to be able to see it on my account in my app. But they are two different user names. How can this be done?

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Good question, @Minervino! The Ring app is designed to provide the quickest access to all of your Ring devices and locations. When owning Ring devices at multiple locations, all locations can be conveniently monitored and controlled through one app, and under one Ring account.

If you’ve used a different account to setup devices at another location, simply choose which account you prefer to keep and proceed to consolidate the devices. This is best done by removing the Ring devices from the account you do not plan on keeping, then setting them up again while signed into the preferred account. Once complete, all of your devices should be setup under the same owner account, and each location will be accessible through the Ring app menu. During setup, the Ring app will ask you to confirm your location, and will automatically organize your Ring devices this way. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: