How to Link Motion Sensor/Smart Lights to Chime

On the website, it advertises that when “Pathlight 1detects motion…” you can link it to the Ring Chime. I do not see the option to link any smart lighting/motion sensors to a Chime. There is only an option to link the smart lights to video devices or other light groups. If I try to link items by going to the Chime settings, I can only set an alert for motion at video devices (floodlight/doorbell).
I can get alerts on my phone when motion is detected at a smart lighting device or motion sensor but cannot figure out how to link it to the Chime as shown below:

Hi @user32573. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. At this time, the Chime and Chime Pro cannot be linked to Ring Smart Lighting devices, and they do not appear under the Linked Devices screen. I located where this image appears on and forwarded that to my teams so we can ensure it reflects the correct information. Apologies for the confusion here.

Thank you for the response. I hope this is a feature that is available in the future. The main reason I purchased the smart lighting/motion sensors was to link it to the Chime that has a different notification/sound than the cameras so I am pretty disappointed.