How to hardwire two Ring Doorbells (Version 1 or 2) in a setup without pre-existing doorbell.

Hi all. I already hardwired one Ring Doorbell to a plug-in transformer + resistor as described in Ring help. I want to wire a second Ring Doorbell and I’m looking for wiring advice or a diagram. Do I need a separate transformer and resistor or can I run the second Ring off the same transformer - and if so, do I need a second resistor? Anyone have advice or a wiring diagram?

Great question @DJAbood! In short, you will certainly need a resistor for each Video Doorbell that is wired directly to the transformer. You may be able to find a multi-connection resistor, but using two will likely be easier.

Check out our wiring diagrams help center article and select the “Two Ring Video Doorbells/One Internal Doorbell”. This wiring diagram is the closest to what your setup would be, of course, minus the chime kit. Instead of the chime kit, picture that being the resistor. As you will see, at least one wire connecting to each Video Doorbell in the diagram had to first go through the chime kit, while the other wire is able to be direct from the transformer. This same concept will apply when implementing the resistor.

Thishelp center article also provides a visual specific to installing a resistor. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the super quick and useful response! I couldn’t find this ANYWHERE on the interwebs! I will give this a try today.

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Hi. Did using two separate resistors work for you? Other responses to this issue posted in similar terms suggest that it is either not recommended or that you need a licensed electrician to figure it out.