How to get Echo to play sound but not make a voice announcement

This is driving my wife crazy and therefore making me miserable.
We enabled Alexa with the Ring Skill and the Echo devices, including Echo Show, notify us when someone press the Ring doorbell.
Apparently, the voice announcement is irritating. All we want is for the Echo to play a sound.
I saw that this was raised before but the suggested solution (to disable and re enable the skill) doesn’t do anything.
Any advise, apart from going back to an old fashion doorbell?

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This is also driving me nuts! I appreciate you posting cause I was having the same issue with not getting the doorbells sounds. After disabling skill and re enabled it. I now get the sound but I also get the announcement. I am wondering if I buy the chime accessory if then I can disable notification on my alexa devices so I don’t get the announcement.
What I find interesting is that if you go in the Ring app, there are more doorbells sounds for in app sounds but they are not in the Alexa app and I have my app updated.

Hi. Please can someone give me some advise on how to get any motion alerts or doorbell chime on my alexa. Ive done everything i can think of to get my alexa echo to notify me if someones at the door but she doesn’t. Its driving me crazy. I have to constantly carry my phone aroune with me in the house to to notify me that someone’s at the door.

Much appreciated

Hi @Mommypb. This Help Centre article here has information on how to enable this feature.