How to get actual help?

My address on the map is wrong. The street address is correct but where it is on the app is wrong. This is not a me not knowing how to enter adress problem it’s a problem with their maps. <br><br>When I enter the issue it directs me to community forum like it’s a me being an ■■■■■ problem. Nope it’s a them not giving an easy to to submit a ticket problem. <br><br>So this I guess is why I have to come to the community forums to ask how to submit a ticket.

Wow you can’t use d()a()m()n?

Hi @Reallyanotherusernam . We have a system to check and filter out cuss words as this is a public Community forum. Please ensure you are following our Community Guidelines !

Is this within the Ring app or the Neighbors App? Can you please attach a screen shot? Thanks

Black dot is actual house location.
Neighbors app.
Address is set properly in ring

Thank you for confirming this @Reallyanotherusernam! Good to see the address is at least working on the Ring app side. Please try the following steps to resolve this concern:

  • Remove and reinstall the Ring app on your mobile device.
  • Ensure you have the location permissions enabled.
  • Start a new set up in the Ring app to create a new location, and enter this address again.
  • When the new location is created please exit setup.
  • Confirm that the new location that was just created is correct in the Neighbors portion of the app.

If the location is not correct repeat the location creation step above.

If this was successful, please move your devices to the “new” location. This can be done by visiting each Ring device’s settings in the Ring app and changing the location, or by performing a new setup and choosing that newly created location. Once completed, you can remove the old location. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: