How to: Extend Wifi with a Chime Pro


The Ring app makes it simple to set up your Chime Pro and link your other Ring devices to it. If you know you will need a Chime Pro for your device, it is great if you can install the Chime Pro first before you install your device. This way you can connect your device directly to it during setup.

Chime Pro Placement

Ideally, you want the Chime Pro placed at a midway point between your router and device. If you place it on the other side of the same wall as your device, this could “suffocate” the signal by having it immediately pass through an abrupt difference, causing a skip in the signal. If you place it too close to your router but far away from the device there could be too much space to extend the signal. Below are a few placement tips to help you make the most of your Chime Pro as an extender.

  • In Range - your Chime Pro must be installed within the range of your router’s wifi signal, preferably in view of the router, but at a distance that is also easy for far away devices to connect to.
  • Direct Path - when plugging in your Chime Pro try to imagine the “view” from it. If it can “see” the wifi router that is ideal for a strong signal.
  • Position - Avoid placing the Chime Pro next to large electronics such as TVs, printers, or monitors. These electronics could interfere with its ability to extend your wifi signal.

Wifi Security -

Extenders have a harder time connecting to WEP security versus WPA security. Most often you can check your router or with your internet service provider for which kind of security your wifi has.

IMPORTANT: Required Wifi Speeds

The Chime Pro has a built-in wifi extender. Due to the way wifi extenders work, they halve your connection speed while extending the range of your network. This is why if your wifi speeds are not double what your Ring device needs it may not be helpful. For example, if you have a Video Doorbell Pro that needs 2 Mbps upload and download speed, your wifi router will need to have an output of at least 4 Mbps upload and download speed for the extender to bring high enough speeds to your device.This is also why if you already have extenders for your wifi you do not want to connect a Chime Pro to that extender.