How to down load 11 hours of footage

Do to an incident i have spoken to the police and we viewed my videos. I need to download a time period from say 6pm until 5am (11hours). I can see the period when i go to live viewing and then scroll backwards quickly underneath. The quicker i scroll the faster the time period goes back. I need a real life 11 hour recording, not just motion events but all the 60 second snap shots my camera takes in 11 hours.
Can anyone help as the call center cant help. What would you guys do?

Sorry to hear about this, @Scott1234! If it helps, you can download up to 20 videos at a time by logging in at via web browser. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account on
  2. Click History
  3. Click Manage Events
  4. Select the videos you want to save.
  5. Click Download

The videos will be saved to your computer as a zip file. Once unzipped, each .mp4 file can be opened and viewed individually. Videos will be time stamped. Feel free to check out our help center article for more tips on saving videos.