How to deny access for "Fire TV Stick" on "Ring Stick Up Cam"?

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maybe it’s more a “Amazon Account” / “Amazon Alexa App” question.

However… I did the following:

> Bought a “Ring Stick Up Cam” / Created a “Ring Account” / Configured the Cam

> Added the “Ring Stick Up Cam” to my “Amazon Alexa App” (Android)

> Following devices are now in my “Amazon Alexa App” (same Amazon Account):

>> 2* Fire TV Stick / 2* Echo Show / 1* Ring Stick Up Cam

One Fire TV Stick sould NOT have access to the Cam (e. g. see Live Video).

How is this possible?

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Okay, do you own these devices? At some point they were registered with your Amazon account. And you have control over them with your Alexa app. If you are the Amazon account owner. This is what I want you to do. Ready? From your mobile device access your Amazon app and login in. (The following can done from a browser. Although, you’ll access - Your Account to the right of the search bar).

  • Bring up the menu (the three lines on the top left).

  • Click, Your Account > Manage content and devices > Devices (next to Content at the top).

From there you will see all your Amazon devices. Select the FireTV you want to remove and deregister it. The serial numbers will be listed. If you can’t tell by the date registered which one you want to remove - you can find the serial number for the Fire TV you want to keep from the Setttings menu on your Fire TV - Home screen.

Settings > My Fire TV > About

I hope this helps.

P.S. See my next post.

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To expand on my above post. You can also see the details of your Fire TV devices from your Alexa app.

On the bottom of your screen, click **More ** > **Settings ** > **Device Settings ** > From there you can click on the Fire TV stick device and at the bottom click, About. You could cross reference the serial numbers on both Fire TV sticks. If the serial numbers are the same but the Mac address are different, try rebooting your Wifi router. And check again.

Best of luck.

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Hello MayRoll,

thank you very much for your detailed answer!
But I don’t want to deregister the “Fire TV Stick” from my account.

What should be possible:

> E. g. watch “Prime Video” with the stick (with mentioned amazon account).
What shouldn’t be possible:

> Connect to the cam with the stick.

It’s more a “rights thing” than a “account thing” I think. :slight_smile:
Maybe that deny isn’t possible when all devices connected to the same amazon account?

Thank you very much,