How to connect 2 Chime pro (gen2)

Hi guys.

I have a Chime Pro 2nd gen to extend range to the cameras in my garden but I need to go further to purchased a second chime pro 2nd gen but how do I connect that to the first chime pro as it is not an option I see any we here.

Or is it simply a case of when selecting the initial WiFi name which is my previously used one is this connecting via the chime pro which is in between my router and this 2nd unit?

Need to install a device further away which is why I purchased the second chime pro 2nd gen so I could get a signal.


Hi @Ben4. The Chime Pros cannot be daisy chained together to create one long signal path. The optimal placement for a Chime Pro is halfway between your router and Ring Device. If you have multiple Chime Pros, the device you are connecting will automatically choose the Chime Pro that provides the best signal. If you are still experiencing signal connectivity issues, you may be best served by looking into a mesh network such as an Eero. I hope this information helps!

Thanks Tom. I was under the impression they could be, clearly I was wrongly informed lol.

I have installed a WiFi extender via my mains sockets and now it’s perfect.

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Hey @Ben4. Thanks for updating me and I’m glad this is working for you! Happy Holidays!