How to change ring app to my new phone

How to change ring app to my new phone

Hello @Leslao ,

If you currently receive your “Two-Step” Verification (2SV) by phone Text, you should use your old phone to first change your setting to receive your 2SV code by email. Do this before your old phone number gets deactivated! Without changing your setting from Text to Email, when you log in on your new phone, the Text will be sent to your old number (which might be deactivated, causing the inability to get your 2SV code to successfully log in).

  • Menu (3 horizontal line Icon, upper-left-corner) > Control Center > Account Verification > then scroll down to "“Two-Step Verification (How should we send you codes?” and select “Email.”

Then install the Ring App on your new smartphone mobile, and log in with your same email associated with your Ring account and password. Then you can get your 2SV code through your email.

If you already deactivated your old phone and were received Texted 2SV codes, you are kind of in a pickle and stuck. Now, you have two options to fix your issue:

  • OPTION #1: You should telephone Ring Support and ask them to switch your account to email the verification code for when you log into your Ring App. Then you will be able to access your Ring account on your smartphone’s Ring App. You can either leave your “two-step” code to continue being sent to your email, or use your smartphone App to change it back to texting to your new number.

  • OPTION #2: Ring Support might be able to just change your account mobile number to your new smartphone number. And then you can access your Ring App via text same as before.

If you did Option #1, be sure once you are gain access to your smartphone App, you change your account to your new mobile number:

  • Menu (3 horizontal line Icon, upper-left-corner) > Account > In “Account Settings” click on your old number and change it to your new number.

When you initially call Ring Support, expect them to first email a “Two-Step” verification code, which you will have to read back to them while on the phone. This is to verify that you are really who you say you are, so have access to your email ready. You can contact Ring Support at:

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19, their available hours have been changed also:

Once you have the new Ring App on your new phone and can log in successfully, you’ll find that most (if not all) of your previous Ring App settings are there, because your settings are actually not stored on your phone . . . your settings are stored at the master Ring server associated with your Ring email account. You might find that your some of your old Sound Settings, like App Alert Tones (for your doorbell & cameras) and/or your Chirp Alert Tones (for your Ring Alarm sensors), might have reverted back to default settings. These minor settings can be easily be changed to your desired preferences again. Almost all other settings should be there as they were on your old phone.

I hope you find this information helpful. :slight_smile: