How to cancel the Pro Trial & set up the Basic subscription

Your instructions tell me:

  • Once you’re logged in, click on Protect Plan on the top left.
  • Click on Options… below the location to Cancel Plan. ** **

But that option doesn’t exist.

I’ve just bought a RING and want to set up the Basic subscription, but when I went to my account, it already had a Protect Plus Trial set up. I didn’t set this up.

I need to know how to cancel it (your instructions are wrong) and how to set up the subscription I want.

Thank you

Hi @LJO. The free trial of the RIng Protect Plus Plan is automatically applied to your account every time you set up a new Ring Device. If you want to subscribe to a Basic Plan, just apply it to you account and it will start the day your free trial ends. If you don’t want the free trial, you’ll have to remove the device from your account, then add it back on. There should be no plan attached to your Ring device when you re-add it. I hope this information helps!