How to cancel/downgrade plan while on trial

Feeling a bit silly but the desktop of Ring’s account management wasn’t working so I added a new site on the phone app/browser and didn’t realise it signed me up to the higher level plan (Plus?) instead of Basic.

The FAQ instructions tell you to cancel then sign up again, but there’s no option to cancel (I assume as it’s a new device at a new site it’s still in trial for a month).

I’m not really keen on leaving it until billing starts - even if I cancel day one I assume I will be billed the first month or at least day at the higher plan rate, and that’s if I even remember in a month to downgrade the plan.

I’m in Australia and the COVID19 contact details page only lists options for US and UK in English, as well as regional European lines.

Any ideas?

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Hey @semerton. You should be able to cancel this plan you purchased ahead of time by following the instructions to cancel it here. Once you cancel the upgraded plan, you can then purchase the Basic Plan that you wanted instead! In the event that you have any troubles, please call either of the Australian numbers found here. Please call during 6AM-5PM CEST (5AM-4PM BST), Monday-Sunday, as this is the time our International English line is available for support, and should be the line you are rerouted towards when calling those numbers. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times.

Thanks Chelsea. It still doesn’t offer a cancellation option. I have two sites, the currently subscribed site has a cancel option, but the new site on trial does not. You can see the difference in the attached images.

I’ll call the help line as suggested but just wanted to post the follow up for future customers with the same issue.