How to add "works with Ring" lighting

I am trying to move my outlets and lighting from the old system (SmartThings) to the Ring Alarm base station I just set up. There seems to be very little information on how to do this.

This page ( mentions “Standard setup through Ring app’s “add manually” function or following manufacturer’s instructions.” but I cannot find any such function in the Ring app (Dec 13, 2019 version).

I could keep the old Smartthings hub but I’d ratehr not have two z-wave networks in the house.

what am I missing?

Hey there, @ilnadi! To add a device that is “Works With Ring,” you need to make sure that your Alarm Base Station is set up first. The Base Station is required in order to set up a WWR device. You will see how to set it up, after the Base Station is online and functioning, under “Set Up a Device,” Security Devices, and then Works With Ring at the bottom. Here is the list of all compatible devices we have that work with the Ring App at this time.

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This does not answer the original poster’s question. I have a switch that is on that list, but I go to the “Works with Ring” section to set up a device, and it does not see my switch. I cannot find any information online about how to make the Ring Alarm Base Station or my Ring app see my Z-Wave compatible switch.

Can you please give more detailed, step-by-step instructions?

@gburks You will have to put your Works With Ring device into “inclusion mode.” This can normally be found in the manufacturer’s manual. Thus, when your Alarm Base Station is “listening for devices,” that is when you put the switch into “inclusion mode” and it will connect if the device isn’t too far away from the Base Station. If you have any troubles doing this, it’s best to reach out to support at 1-800-656-1918 for them to provide you the step-by-step instructions.

My problem was that I moved into a house where the previous owner had paired the GE toggle switches to his hub. Because they had previously been paired, they would not show up in the Ring app, even after performing the reset procedure (click up three times, down three times).

The only way I was able to unpair them was to buy a Samsung Smartthings hub, go to the Exclusion Mode setting in the SmartThings app, exclude the switch, and then it was available for pairing in Ring. At that point, I decided I liked the SmartThings hub better so I paired it with it instead.

The point is, Ring needs to add the Exclusion Mode workflow to their app, similar to the Exclusion Mode feature in the SmartThings app. Previously paired devices have to be excluded before they can be included, and the Ring app lacks the functionality to exclude.