How rubbish ring is

This system is rubbish!
I don’t want to pay for a subscription, I have the ring products and wish to use the product I spent good money for!
If you haven’t got a subscription you can’t access the sole purpose of video playback! Useless scam product.
Second, why has the door camera become better in functionality now my subscription has ended?
Next port of call is twitter! I would not recommend this overpriced product to anyone!

I was shocked to find out after we installed the product to that a subscription was needed to operate full functionality. I’m retired so no spare cash, were on the free trial, so does this mean once the trial is over I’ll have a doorbell that I could have paid a fraction for?

Tis indeed a con as nowhere is it explained properly although the member of staff I talked with swore blind it is on the website clearly pff pff.

I thought it was very clear from the website that to be able to review what had already been recorded that you have to subscribe to one of the Protect Plans, I didn’t feel at all conned and am very pleased with mine. Some people won’t want the protection and will be grateful that if they just want to use it as a video doorbell that they do not have to pay for a subscription.

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