How rubbish ring is

This system is rubbish!
I don’t want to pay for a subscription, I have the ring products and wish to use the product I spent good money for!
If you haven’t got a subscription you can’t access the sole purpose of video playback! Useless scam product.
Second, why has the door camera become better in functionality now my subscription has ended?
Next port of call is twitter! I would not recommend this overpriced product to anyone!

I was shocked to find out after we installed the product to that a subscription was needed to operate full functionality. I’m retired so no spare cash, were on the free trial, so does this mean once the trial is over I’ll have a doorbell that I could have paid a fraction for?

Tis indeed a con as nowhere is it explained properly although the member of staff I talked with swore blind it is on the website clearly pff pff.

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I thought it was very clear from the website that to be able to review what had already been recorded that you have to subscribe to one of the Protect Plans, I didn’t feel at all conned and am very pleased with mine. Some people won’t want the protection and will be grateful that if they just want to use it as a video doorbell that they do not have to pay for a subscription.


After care is the worst. Faulty products after 10 months, they only acknowledge half of the issue.

Expect the user to know all sorts of technical network settings which only network provider would have. Try their hardest to upsell the pro chime as it’s a solution for faulty items some how.

Then when the issue isn’t 100% resolved and you pass the warranty phase, it’s too late.

No customer loyalty nothing.


In Jan 2024 there is an article from CBS news stating how the products fail, and how engineers have been caught connecting remotely to some customers devices without permissions.

Don’t trust this company at all.


A Ring Protect plan is required to have access to additional features on your Ring device, such as video recording. We have more information on the features available with a plan here. Without an active subscription, you can still activate Live View and receive notifications.

When contacting our support team, they will walk you through any applicable troubleshooting steps related to your concern. This may involve adjusting advanced network settings if the concern is related to wifi connectivity.

Information on your device’s warranty can be found on our website. For privacy concerns, please review the information here. Make sure you have selected your region from the country selector to ensure you’re viewing accurate information for where you’re located.

My Ring Doorbell (Gen2) kept turning off (even though battery 100%). After nearly an hour on the phone I was told to throw it in the bin as it no longer worked…just 2 years old. I asked if I could send it in to be fixed? The answer, ‘no, just throw it away’. Such a bad ethos! I asked if I should take care disposing of it due to the lithium battery? The answer, ‘no, just throw it in the bin’. This is a disgusting attitude to have in this day and age!


My Ring Doorbell video 3 has become completely unresponsive after 7 months.
I have charged the battery until only green light shows.
I have done the soft and hard reset procedures without any success.
De-activated and tried to re-activate it, but no spinning white lights at all.
Any advice please?

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I disagree the Ring doorbell has been an excellent addition to our front door, easy to set up, everybody knew about the subscription after 30 day free trial, which I have had for over 5 years with no problems BUT with the new 43% price hike and with my cancellation soon. Mr Amazon in not getting any more money from me.


Agree 100% that Ring is rubbish and lacks respect for customers. They do all they can to create distance and not interact with customers on issues. So if the customers have to solve the problem on the community site why are they on the payroll?

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Yeah, I have to agree; this product is utter pig crap. I knew that there would be a subscription fee but had no idea that it was a useless product without subscription. I do pay for the subscription and yet, the camera quality is truly rubbish, the microphone has stopped working either way-so, no sound from either side. Also, it never EVER detects when someone is actually at the front door!!! No package detection-nothing!!!

Now on the search for a better product from a different company. Have only had a Ring cam for a few months, but definitely wouldn’t recommend it to anyone on any account. Too expensive and such bad lack of aftercare.

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Totally rubbish products. Time to get rid of Ring.

Unable to get through to a service agent, and when you do you get billed £100 for a free phone call as it’s redirected to a US number.

Biggest insult is you get offered an 8euro credit to your account as a gesture of goodwill - even if you don’t want to spend any money with them.




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