How much will it cost to add a new device

I have two devices I have already paid for yearly and want to add a third how can I pay for the extra and how much will it cost

Hi @user51129. It depends on what Ring Protect Plan you have. If you have the Basic plan, then you will have to add another one to the new Ring device, which can’t be done until you setup the device in your account. If you have the Plus Plan, you do not have to add another plan since this one covers as many Ring devices as you have in one location. You can check what plan you have by logging into your account on Visit this page for prices on Ring Protect Plans. I hope this helps!

Don’t bother. Ring appear to often change the specification of devices (using firmware updates) without advising users. In some cases this results in reduced ‘capability’ and a device that is not the same spec as when originally purchased by the consumer. Ring seem happy to allow community members to continually report issues and then choose to do simply nothing about them (other than ignore complaints and then wait for 30 days of inactivity before closing the offending post). absolutely disgraceful way to treat people that have purchased a Ring product.

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