How long does it take to charge the Ring Doorbell battery?

So I’m new to Ring Doorbell, we had to purchase these due to some undisciplined kids in the neighborhood slashing tires and breaking windows. I bought the Ring doorbell 4 and 2 stick up cams. I’m in rental property so I can’t wire anything. How long does it take to charge the batteries? This one has been charging for 5 hours now. Also how long do they last?

Hi @MrsandMrsAdams. This Help Center article will provide you with information on how long it can take to charge a battery for your Doorbell. The charging time would be around the same as your Stick Up Cams because they use the exact same battery. We cannot provide a timeframe on how long they last since it varies on how often the Doorbell is used and environmental factors. I hope this helps.

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