How long do videos remain on Ring servers

I asked this question in the Doorbell topic but then realized I should have asked it here. Basically, I need to know how long videos remain on the Ring servers and if there is any possibility of getting videos past the 60 day limit. I didn’t realize they deleted so quickly (I thought it was six months or a year) and I thought starred videos would not be deleted at all.

I would LIKE access back to last July or August, but even going back to just late December 2019 and early January 2020 would be great.

Hi @rwagoner! Video Recordings are available for up to 30 days or 60 days, depending on location. Check out our help center article which outlines this information for all plans, and more! :slight_smile:

At Ring we value your security and your privacy. Videos will only be saved if you are subscribed to one of our Protect Plans, or in free trial period. If videos are deleted manually, deleted after 30/60 days, or the plan lapses, there is no way to recover them as they are only stored on your account. We recommend downloading any important videos, in which starring videos is a great feature to give you a visual reminder to download if needed. I hope this helps!

Well it helps and it doesn’t help … it helps explain it, but it is disappointing that the policy change – videos used to be saved longer – resulted in losing videos. I don’t see a reason to keep the Ring service at all.

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I didn’t realize that Ring now deletes videos longer than 60 days and that they delete starred videos in that frame too. Does anyone know if Ring itself saves them longer on theior servers and if there is a way to get some back? In my case, back to December would be great (December 14 - January 16 is the main time frame I want; going back as far as last Summer would be even better). Had I known they deleted so fast I would have downloaded them AND probably not bothered signing up for the service.