How it Works: Alarm Keypad (1st Gen) Lights and Buttons Explained

The Ring Alarm Keypad is designed to allow you and anyone in your home to easily arm and disarm your system without a smartphone. You can easily move it around your home because of its built-in rechargeable battery that may last many months on a full charge, depending on usage. See the images below for an explanation of each button and light.


1. Network Connection Icon - indicates if there are errors connecting to the Base Station
2. Battery Icon - indicates battery levels and current charging status
3. Faulted Sensor Icon - let's you know one of your sensors is reading as tampered or faulted when you try to arm the system
4. Disarm Mode Button - enter your access code and press to disarm your Alarm system
5. Away Mode Button - enter your access code and press to arm your Alarm system when leaving
6. Home Mode Button - enter your access code and press to put your Alarm system in armed home mode
7. Check Button - used to bypass any sensors that can't be armed, and continue arming the system. When pressed with the “X” button and held for three seconds, it will trigger the Panic alarm.
8. “X” Button - used for canceling any attempt to enter a code, and for triggering the Panic alarm.

Check out the video below to see how you can use your Keypad to “Arm” and “Disarm” your Ring Alarm or follow this link to see the steps in a Ring Help article.

Need more information about what the different Keypad lights mean? Go check out the Community article How it Works: Alarm Keypad (1st gen) Lights in Detail for more information.