How I can upgrade to "protect plus plan" without having to entirely discard my already paid £24.99?

Hi. I am using your basic plan service in the UK at this moment.

After subscribing to your basic service by paying 24.99 GBP per year since 5/27/2020, today I just realized that this plan does not include the automatic alert system I experienced during my trial with your “protect plus plan”.

However, when I tried to upgrade my service from the “basic plan” I am in now, I was not able to pay only the difference but had to face the full 80 GBP per year amount seen on my PC screen.

I haven’t paid this yet as I did not want to pay additional 80 GBP although I already paid 24.99 GBP for my basic service.

May I know how I can upgrade to “protect plus plan” without having to entirely discard my already paid 24.99 GBP for my basic plan?

I would appreciate if this matter can be resolved with urgency please.


I have the same issue - have you had a resolution?

Hi neighbors! You will receive a prorated refund for any amount left on your Ring Protect Basic yearly plan and the Ring Protect Plus Plan will be charged immediately. This will begin a new billing cycle. Check out our help center article for steps on upgrading and more :slight_smile:

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Can you tell me how the refund will be made? Will it be refunded to my payment method or will it be added as credit on my account?

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You got it, @Chew123! When eligible for a refund, the refund amount will automatically go back onto the original card you used/ payment method within 3-5 business days. :slight_smile: