How hell is it so hard to talk to a human?!

I have spent way too long trying to find a human being to speak to about my faulty doorbell.
I WAS considering a subscrption but NO ONE would ever return my emails! And the stupid doorbell doesn’t work properly!

It’s so sensitive a butterfly only has to flap past and pass gas for me to get a constant stream of notifications going through my phone. And there is now way for me to make it less sensitive!.

I have physical disabilities and getting this doorbell was supposed to make it easier for me. But not only am I getting notifcations for no reason other than a bird flew over head and it’s falling defecation set off the sensor, it take so long to load on my phone that by the time I have video up who ever it was is already gone.

I will seriously not be recommending this to anyone.

I know exactly what you’re talking about!! This company is unbelievable!!! I have repeatedly (for days) tried purchasing the $10/month plan but it keeps saying it’s the wrong address and it isn’t! I’ve called multiple times and there’s no way to get out of the automated system loop. Furthermore, I an email several days ago about this and haven’t heard back yet!! It ridiculous that i bought and installed all of this Ring equipment but can’t use it!!! I’m so angry! I don’t care if there’s a “pandemic,” you can still answer emails and phone calls!!

We’re here to help, neighbors! For video and motion concerns, the best first thing to check will be your wifi signal strength, found in the device health section of your Ring app. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimizing signal. This will help with video and notification delivery.

With motion being too sensitive, this is a great start as it means motion is working and only the settings will need to be adjusted. Your Ring app will have various settings such as sensitivity, zones, and frequency which can help to fine tune detection. As every environment varies, some trial and error may be needed. Keep in mind there is also motion scheduling, and snooze features, which will allow you to prevent notifications during this time. Let us know how this goes!

@Joshow For subscription concerns, our support team will definitely be of most assistance. Something I can recommend is to ensure the field in which you are entering your address is not actually asking for billing information. Try also, using another browser and visiting your account plan section on our website, to add a plan. Check out also, our accepted forms of payment, just to be sure you are using one. If your home address is newly built, not added to location databases, or if this concern persists, our support team will be the next best step.

Ring’sResponse to Covid19 includes alterations to our support channels to best suit all neighbors. We apologize for any inconvenience during this time, and will certainly pass this feedback along to our teams here.

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