How does it sound like with a "dynamic" motion zone setting?

Hi, I have a suggestion to make. Currently, we are allowed to set multiple motion zones in a somewhat permanent setting, meaning once I draw those polygons, my camera stick to those polygons only for motion detection purposes. What if we make the motion zones more dynamically (or say, time-dependent)? I am saying, what if we create and activate some motion zones that only work for motion detection for a certain time window during the daytime, for example, and become deactivated while we may use other motion zones during the night hours? In my use, I would like to have more coverage during the nighttime, but given the current setup with the permanent setting, I am kinda enforced to stick to “fixed” motion zones. This function will not require more resources but can be handled with an added function. Hope I would like to know what other people think about the idea.

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I think is a good idea :+1: