How do you set up an independent monitor, constantly showing a live feed?

Good Morning All,

I have been using Ring Cameras for about a year now and really enjoy them for the most part. I have them set up with Alexa, and most of the functions work a they should. The one issue I am having though, is how can I set up an Independant Display, that is constantly showing my cameras feed, without having to go into the App? I would really like to use a spare TV of mine or computer monitor, and mount it to the wall, so we can see what’s happening 24\7.

The app works great, but it is sometimes really slow to load, and often times, the subject of the video is already through the viewing area, before we can get the app to open. I know this is possible with DVR systems and such. I just was not sure if this was a possibility. If it is not, RING please ADD!! Thank you.

@Brino1288 Basically you can’t. Live view will time out after 10 mins anyway. Ring is designed to be alerts based not as a 24/7 solution. Keep in mind that live view/video is not local, its all cloud based and goes up to AWS servers and then back down to the app.