How do I make a Complaint

How do I get someone to help when Ring keep breaking there promises, 2 months I’ve been awaiting a replacement sola panel for my fathers Ring 2 doorbell, he is bed ridden and has carers call 4 times a day who obviously use the doorbell.

I have contacted Ring on 5 separate occasions culminating with today trying to make an official complaint and have been waiting since 10am (gmt ) this morning for a supervisor to call me back.

Does anyone know how to take this further.

Thank you

Hi. Sorry for your frustrations. I have had better luck asking for help here on the forum than calling in. Alternatively, you can write them a letter. Address if below. I did on an issue and actually got a response.

1523 26th St
Santa Monica, CA 90404-3507

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Unfortunately as I live in the UK, it would take so long to send by post, but I will see how things go.
Since I posted this I again phoned and was promised that a supervisor would phone me back that day and that was Monday it’s now Thursday and I have heard nothing.
So my next step is to complain to the ombudsman!

I suggest you respond to your own message and use the @ feature to alert one of the moderators to try and step in and help. I’m sure you want to get this situation resolved for your home-bound dad.

Hi there, @Aggravated. Reaching out to our support team was the best step, and I hope they’ve assisted you by this time. If you need any assistance with troubleshooting a technical concern, the Community is full of solutions and helpful neighbors like @trail-explorer.

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