How Do I Make A Complaint About Poor Customer Service?

Really struggling with Ring Customer Service, I’m stuck in a loop where I can’t use the telephone customer service due to having compromised hearing and really struggle with strong accents as a consequence. Ring have closed their email support and when I post a question on this forum I get directed back to the telephone support (which I can’t use).
I’m going round in circles and just can’t get the help I need to resolve the issue with my doorbell.
How do I raise a complaint about poor Customer Service with Ring?

Hello @stan.kubrick,
Sorry to hear that.
Can I be of any assistance with the issue you are facingwith your doorbell?
Are you comfortable communicating on this forum?
What model is it?
Whats the issue?


I do not have an account due to the fact that I have no device. How can I cancel the trial period?

The forum provided no information about how to make a complaint, so I gave up and emailed the CEO of Ring (his email address is easy to find just search Ring CEO). He was really good and I at last received some customer service by email, my issue is now resolved.

Ring Community support 0/10
Support from Ring CEO 10/10