How do I get rid of the all history of my neighbors post

I have looked and cannot find a way to delete all the past neighborhood ring alerts. How in the world do you do this! I don’t need to keep these post

Also why does my battery die every 2 weeks, even the new battery needs charged after 12-14 days.

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Hi @user23852. Do you mean you can’t clear the notification history on your phone? You can’t delete other neighbors’ posts in the Neighbors portion of the Ring app, and the alerts or notifications aren’t stored on your phone. You should be able to clear the notifications from your phone by swiping them away. As for the battery, it would be helpful to know what Ring Doorbell or Camera you have as well as how many events it records each day.

I think it’s ridiculous that we don’t have a way of deleting all of the neighbors posts history. It’s taking up almost 3 gb on my phone. Something has to be done about this.

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