How do i get an insurance cert (multiple location Rings, so No "Monitoring" tab)

How do i get a insurance certificate-- the support article is incorrect there is no “monitoring” tab under settings menu

In the web app go to Settings, Monitoring, Insurance Certificate and print the page or e-mail the certificate to yourself.

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When I go to Settings it just says “Location” and “Users” is this because I have multiple locations. If I click either location or users buttons nothing relating to certificate shows.

Is this because I have multiple locations? Where would this Settings, monitoring, ins cert Menus be??

Are you looking in your ring account on your pc or your phone?

Hi @crayola. You’ll first need to make sure you have Professional Monitoring enabled, which is part of the Ring Protect Plus plan. Then you can follow the steps under our Help Center Article here in order to get a certificate to show your insurance. I hope that helps! :slight_smile: