How can I deactivate Two Factor Authentication?

I found an online support guide with steps to activate and deactivate two factor authentication but the steps on there do not accurate reflect what’s in the iOS app.

The only options I can see is to turn two factor for sms on or off. I don’t want this, I’d like to remove it completely (I current have codes emailed to me).

How can I disable 2FA?


Hi @leecollings. At Ring, we take our neighbors privacy and security seriously, and thus have implemented Two Step Verification, which you can learn more about in our Community post here. While you do have the option to turn off the text messaging section of it, every time text message is turned off, it will turn on email. There is no way to turn off Two Step Verification at this time, as this is something we make mandatory on all Ring accounts now.

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Thank you Chelsea

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In no way am I worried about my video going to the public.Two factor authentication is a hassle. Having this mandatory is why I don’t subscribe to Ring. At work, I can’t get two-factor authentication due to the office works network policy and no personal email or cell phones in the office. Arlo camera systems there is no issue, as I can log on and see my video.


You can’t. Ring wants to make it difficult to see your videos.


Either give us an option for two factor authentication or I will be leaving Ring.



Please allow/create/re-instate an option for us to turn two-step verification off, it is a hassle that bogs all of this down. Thank you!

Also, your explanation is incorrectly labeled as a “solution” - it is not a solution, it is merely an explanation. Perhaps the “explantion” label doesn’t exist & therefore needs to be created?


Thank you for sharing these wishes with us @DC0! As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. :slight_smile:

I’m really getting frustrated with the two step verification process… I don’t want it, and I can’t turn it off. We don’t use our phones to check the cameras, we use our computers.

It’s such a pain, that my wife is no longer checking the camera anymore, and even I’ve stopped checking.

I’d like a refund on my cameras, the solar panels and the extra batteries I’ve bought. It’s all useless to me now. You can keep the subscription fee.


your canned answer doesn’t work.

Your system kicks me out of my session daily, then won’t let me back in for hours. The verification code entry time only lasts for one minute, not ten, so I have to retry and if the email doesn’t come through in time, I have to do it again. When I get it in time, I then get an error code and I have to try again and finally give up until later. Yes, I do have multiple sessions going. Is there a problem with that?

This is not working for me, and your lack of available support is beginning to get infuriating.

Requiring the two factor authentication is your option that is not so welcome, especially without support to make sure it works right.

Maybe you can have someone check things to make sure they are operating as advertised.

This is not a solution. The fact I have to wait for an email to logon on these forums to look for Q&A is a nuisance. I like your tech but choices made for us such as forced two factor authentication and inability to turn vibrations off are intrusive and have me looking at your competitor’s products. There is a fine between looking out for your customer and being a nuisance and Ring crossed it. I recommend that you get a healthy respect for your customers and let us make our own choices.

I work at a federal office that I can go to but we are not allowed to have cell phones or personal email. So two-step login is an issue. I can’t use my ring account while at work because of this. Please allow me to disable two-step login. I really don’t care for that level of login protection for my cameras or doorbell.

Hey neighbors. Over the past year we have been making various efforts to ensure our neighbor’s safety when using their Ring products and services. In an effort to stay in line with industry’s best practices, Ring is phasing out email as a method of account verification as a part of Two-Step Verification, and the options that neighbors have now to log in are the SMS or an Authenticator App. If you are unable to use SMS verification, we recommend using an Authenticator App, which can be installed on a mobile device, PC, or laptop.

Not knowing how you setup your app or your 2FA, I have it setup on my phone and other than the initial entry of my 2FA I haven’t been prompted since.

Well, this is rediculous, I have to text my wife who is in meetings on the other side of the country to get the code, hoping she can reply within 10 minutes. Because apparently it will only text her phone. Can I change the phone, yes, if I have the code. How do i get the code, call the other phone number.
This is why of my four cameras, I only have one ring device, soon to change to none.
Let Darwin work people, and force your lawyers to use this same 2FA everytime they need to log in.

Then don’t use Texting as a method for your 2FA.
I use a web based password manager service that I can add multiple people to, and where I can get my OTP code to log in. No phone needed.

Another angry customer here. Two Step verification is painful

More and more companies are rightfully embracing 2FA for security. Unfortunately to protect your account you should be using it.
If you use financial institutions that don’t use 2FA you should find ones that do.
It’s a reality now, so you might as well embrace it.

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" we take our neighbors privacy and security seriously"
This is actual garbage. 5am and I get a motion alert and I have to go thru waiting on a text, and then picking which is the non upside down rhino (sometimes multiple times). These extra steps are just to protect rings liability for unauthorized access.

No, those extra steps are for your account’s security.
Don’t know why you have your system setup that way because, though I have 2FA turned on, I get an alert, unlock my phone with my fingerprint, and view the motion. No entering text, no fuss, no bother.

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