How can I contact someone at Ring by email?

My house burned down two days ago. I need someone at Ring to give me a way to download the videos from my three cameras. Yes, I know I can do it one at a time but I have limited connectivtiy and no time for it to take so long. For lack of an option to download all at once, I need someone there to zip them up and send them to me.

Nor do I have time or energy to call during their business hours and try to talk to someone on the phone; again, I have limited connectivity and limited access to a phone or chance to call. I’ve spent my precious time trying in vain to find an official email address only to have to resort to begging the larger community for help in contacting Ring support. Why in the world do you not have an email account for your customers? I’m frustrated, angry that Ring is making my life harder right now, and just want my videos. An email address and the ability to download more than one video at a time - very simple things that Ring must be purposefully withholding. Treat your customers better. You should be ashamed.

Hope you have time to read.
Information on customer support below.

You can download these videos by phone or anyone elses. Also anyone that own a tablet, laptop. Just sign in and download. Ring won’t send you all your downloads. That’s up to you. Good luck.