How can I cancel professional monitoring?

I am in the 7-day practice mode but want to cancel the professional monitoring. I can’t find any way to cancel it. Do I have to wait until 7-day practive mode is over?


Hi @mgymnop! You can exit the 7-Day Practice Mode at any time, by changing your monitoring status. Once you leave Practice Mode, you cannot re-enter it at a later time, but once you sign up for Professional Monitoring, you can switch between Professional Monitoring and Self-Monitoring as needed.

To change your monitoring status:

  • In the Ring app, open the menu.
  • Tap Location Settings.
  • Tap Monitoring.
  • Tap Monitoring Type.
  • Choose the new type of monitoring you want.

Check out our help center article for more information on monitoring status.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: