How can I block individual members?

I use the same forum system as Ring on a major cellphone manufacturer as a moderator. The members have the ability to block other members. I’ve found many on here that just spam threads to get attention or act uncivilized. Is there a way to do this or could it be turned on? I report these people but some disappear and some are still here.

I know you are relatively new with the member to member support system. I’ve been doing it for 10 years now. On the forum I’m a part of we do things a bit differently. We do not remove any posts at all unless they are spam or just wrong… We edit posts as needed. And of course we give timeouts or bans once the forum managers gets involved.

The other thing I noticed is that whenever a post is moved or merged I get a email saying that. That’s something that I guess we have turned off since i don’t see it and no one else in the community does as well.

Thanks for hearing me out. Hopefully there is a way to block others so I don’t have to see their posts it replies.

If you find out, please also let me know.

There are members I’d like to block too, that have expressed they care more about their family than I do of mine and paying for a service that used to be free doesn’t bother them because they care about their families and I apparently do not.

It’s pretty cool you were a moderator somewhere else!

So now your harassing me? How many violations are you going for?

I don’t even know who you are guy.

I’m just here to find out if I can block someone.


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We are always looking for feedback and suggestions on ways to improve the Community for all neighbors. Please keep in mind, our Community is designed to nurture neighbor to neighbor interaction and to give all the opportunity to participate, be constructive, and learn about Ring at their own pace.

Of course, our Community Guidelines are in place to remind neighbors the best way to be considerate of each other throughout the Community. If you feel a neighbor is behaving outside of these guidelines, we urge you to report any inappropriate activity as we are here to maintain a positive Community experience for all.

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I’m new to Ring. My first post is my last. The same handful of neighbors are using this app to insult, embarrass, bait users. I couldn’t see where or how to flag. These people need to be removed permanently from accessing the app. No one came to my or others defense as no doubt their intimidated as well. I will no longer use the Ring Neighborhood app.


I don’t blame you. There ate the same 20 or so that like to bully others from be9a keyboard… Ring SHOULD allow for individual blocking of others, and if they won’t, I’m sure I won’t be here very long either…

To clarify, neighbors, this is NOT the Neighbors App. This platform, where you are commenting is the Ring Community - a forum where you can discuss Ring and receive peer-to-peer help :slight_smile: You are able to flag inappropriate behavior on the Community by using the three dots located in the top right side of the Community post. Thanks!

I would just like to write this is something I find should be necessary. I recently posted to the neighbors app. And it’s not something I do lightly for fear of what kind of insults and humiliation will be thrown. I’m not sure why people have this mindset but it’s rather unfortunate. The product could be a useful tool but instead it’s nothing but a barrage of immature comments and insults. I recently took down a post after it had been up for several weeks and someone decided to write immature and humiliating comments. Mind you, it was my first post in nearly a year or so for these reasons. Ring needs to enact better blocking methods because the anonymity is not working. This alone should not be allowed.

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So I just would like to say I did use the “report or flag comment” feature. And today one of my kind neighbors did something in retaliation. I’m not sure why Ring does not have actual factual people monitoring neighborhoods. It’s disappointing and disgusting that adults choose to behave this way.

Thanks, @bay, just to clarify, this is not the Neighbors App. We will pass along your feedback to the appropriate team.

I’ve made a post about this already if you all could vote it. There needs to be some actual moderation/punishment for people in the neighbors section. So many dropping slurs, hateful comments, threatening eachother/other neighbor’s pets… But all ring wants to do is add new features. Something needs done